With a number of decades of work experience under our belts, RSA principal Rich Sprague, and his web developer associate Joshua Ness, are the perfect team leaders to offer Virtual Marketing services to clients.

We perform creative and marketing services much like a typical agency or design studio -- with one exception -- we work remotely with clients throughout the country. Thus, we save you a bundle in overhead and administrative costs. And, unlike the scores of individuals who offer creative services, with RSA there is one point of contact who manages your account and projects.



Rich Sprague

Marketing Consultant, Graphic Designer and Creative Director


Rich's career commenced in 1960 when he was a high school newspaper editor. Besides writing articles, he learned how to set type with a Linotype machine and laid out pages ... the Guttenburg way. As the technology evolved over six decades, Rich has become an accomplished marketing and creative professional with university degrees in communication and web design.



Joshua Ness



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I was fortunate, read blessed, to meet up with Josh through a courtesy call as we are both members of different chapters of a networking organization (BNI). He and I immediately hit it off and we both realized that we have complementary skills which could benefit our clients. He is bright, hard-working, experienced, and very talented. This website, developed in two short weeks, is an exemplary example of what we can accomplish as collaborators.