Virtual Marketing.
The smart way to grow your business.

What is Virtual Marketing?

Virtual Marketing is like having your own marketing department, but without the fixed costs, staffing and overhead. You receive the benefit of agency quality work from a team of experienced professionals.


Virtual Marketing Department

Features & Benefits

  • Quick ramp up with no startup costs, office space, equipment, software, payroll taxes and benefits, or other expenses.

  • Multiple projects can be in process concurrently and all are managed for you by one point of contact.

  • Professionals with the necessary skills and experience are selected for any given project, and who can meet the project deadlines.

  • Your contract is flexible. Purchase only what you need and which fits within your budget.

  • We can prepare a customized marketing plan and package for businesses with revenue from $500K to $25M. Plans can be modified as necessary from time to time.

  • A la carte services are available, especially for smaller companies or startup businesses.

Why Choose RSA

Virtual Marketing?

Over 75 years of experience by the two principals, including university degrees in communications and web design.

  • Fast turn times. With a team of providers we can turn projects quickly.

  • By using Zoom Video Conferencing, we can communicate as if we were in the same room with you. Of course, on a daily basis email and voice work very well.

  • Online accessibility of your project progress/status through access to ProWorkFlow.

  • Weekly time summary and progress reports are provided every Monday morning for your review.

  • Using our services, you have one creative director/manager which ensures consistency across projects.

  • You own all materials, including working materials, as long as you have paid all agreed-to charges.

  • All project assets are available to you at any time if you have a service such as Dropbox. They are automatically backed up from our server.

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